Contrary to popular belief, this behavior of your dog is quite normal. This phenomenon will tend to last up to 8 months and it will tackle everything that will be in its path whether it is furniture, hands, legs or even toys of children … This can be integrated in its development, but quickly a more serious disorder is likely to be at the root of the problem.

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Why does a puppy chew?

As soon as this puppy enters the home, he will have the reflex to express himself by the bite. If some masters think it is aggressive, they are mistaken since this behavior fits perfectly in its development. Their adventure begins at around three weeks when they meet with their colleagues in range.

They use the bite to play, because the jaw allows them to discover this totally unknown environment. It is also an effective way to control the bite, if it is too strong, his brother or sister will quickly understand. In some contexts, puppies give a whine if a bite has been too powerful, which puts an end to the game.

Puppies understand as quickly as this signal is not beneficial, they will tend the next time to reduce their strength. We must therefore separate this behavior from the bite of an adult dog, it is a reaction generated by an instinct. Therefore, the dog is not necessarily mean or aggressive, he uses the bite only to show that something is wrong. It is imperative to understand that he never acts in this way for no reason.

If your dog tends to bite, it is wise to study his behavior precisely because it reflects an uncomfortable situation. After being threatened, he will act, which will bring him a source of appeasement. Therefore, for the puppy, nibbling is part of its development whereas the bite is a defense reaction for the adult dog.

What if my puppy nibbles the leg or hands?

When the puppy plays with his colleagues, there is the phenomenon of the groan that allows him to stop because he has just exceeded the limits. With humans, he will tend to act in the same way, it must be shown that the hands or legs are fragile and therefore much more sensitive than those of other companions.

It is advisable to stop the attention that you give to your animal in this phase of play. It is necessary to act in this way from the first bite. He will understand that if it is too strong, you leave it and the game stops.

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When you resume the game, if the dog nibbles the legs again, you must proceed in the same way. The teacher must absolutely put an end to this behavior, which could be more significant with children. It is for this reason that the reaction must be the same for all the people who will be brought to play with the animal.

My dog bites the house furniture, how?

As is the case for the legs or the hands, a puppy who bites constantly the furniture must be stopped, because the damages can be consequent. As soon as you’re gone, he could get his nerves on the table, the chairs, or the couch.

This would be a real battlefield that you will find when you return. A dog that nibbles his hands can be stopped by his master by a lack of attention, but the furniture will not have this reaction. It is therefore imperative to make him understand that this behavior is not the one expected.

No need to hit him, because violence does not bring any benefit in the education of a puppy. Educators tend to choose a clicker, it is a very valuable tool that you can use in many situations. It gives you the ability to shape the behavior of the animal by emitting a small “click”. The latter can therefore replace the reaction of the master or that of his colleagues of scope when he was a few weeks.

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With the clicker, you can stop the puppy nibbling on this piece of furniture without giving it special attention. The learning is very complex especially if you choose the adult state, so it is widely recommended to use this little sound from his arrival home.

This will allow you to shape it more easily. There is also a trick to use after diverting his attention. When the puppy nibbles the furniture, press the clicker and call it. If your pet is a player, offer him his toy, but if he prefers treats, give him a kibble.

In the adult state, a dog with the same behavior will tend to be bored. It is therefore necessary to regularly release it while offering a phase of play. During your absence, leave him a toy or a bone to gnaw, it will allow him to occupy his time without becoming destructive.

Finally, if the puppy attacks furniture in one piece while you are not present, it may be wise to deny access to it when you leave.

A puppy who constantly bites his toys, is it destructive?

Animals can develop a behavioral disorder in adulthood, this is often explained by a problem that occurred during development. If you do not stop these nibbling that may seem trivial when they occur, you will be faced with much more serious problems afterwards. It is for this reason that a dog that nibbles the hands, the legs must be stopped immediately.

Nibbling can lead to the destruction of toys and even furniture. Several causes can explain this phenomenon, there is boredom as we mentioned beforehand. Fear is also a source of anxiety that should not be neglected. While the puppy is very close to his master or his family, he will not be able to stand the physical isolation.

The only solution he will find to express himself will be to destroy everything in his path. It is important to note that the punishment will have no beneficial effect, the opposite could even happen since the behavior will get worse. In some cases, a dog who bites a toy excessively wants to avenge an injustice.

At the level of the reactions to have, they are relatively simple. For the fear of loneliness, it will unfortunately resume education from the beginning. It must be used to your absence even if you are present in the room next door. Accompany him in the kitchen on his basket while you return to the living room. If he comes to nibble his toys, use the clicker to divert his attention.

The behavior to banish!

As we have seen, a puppy can chew on hands, legs, furniture, toys, and children’s toys, but is able to tackle walls, garbage cans, curtains and even the couch. Admittedly, you will be angered by this situation, many who use excessive punishment or violence.

This behavior is relegated to oblivion because the animal does not have the capacity to assimilate this reaction. The “no” or the punishment is part of human language, so he does not have the possibility to understand it.

In the other hand, when you return do not store your destroyed living room in front of your puppy. He will tend to take it as a game. He could behave the same again the next time he finds himself alone. It is wise to move it away by putting it in a separate room.

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Several tips to distract a naughty puppy

Toys specially designed for puppies are sold, it is Kong. You can insert a treat, it should occupy it for long hours during your absence. If the puppy nibbles the furniture, at the same time, spray the area with a lemongrass spray. The latter must be oriented on the couch or table that undergoes the behavior of the animal. This will aim to stop it.

If your puppy develops a feeling of anxiety or aggression, or even jealousy, Bach flowers can be interesting. They have the ability to soothe animals, but it will be wise to choose the scent that can treat the behavior. In the same vein, you have at your disposal the DAP collar that releases soothing pheromones.

It is important to note that all these methods allow you to stop the nibbling, but it will take action sooner, because in adulthood, it is generally much more complex to start again the education of a dog shaped . If this behavior tends to persist, it will be necessary to understand the causes, this can be explained by the arrival of a child, boredom, a move, a lack of attention, jealousy …


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