Boost your sexuality with this plants available in in all houses


If many of us know the stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities of ginger and ginseng, who knew that asparagus, angelica or rosemary could also help us to wake up and maintain our desire? Dr. Jacques Labescat, a physiotherapist, gives us the secrets of pleasure plants.

Boost YOUR libido

Decreased desire, ejaculatory problems, frigidity … Often, the sexual disorders testify of a deeper malaise, or result from a great stress, a big tiredness … To boost his libido, it is thus already to boost his organism .

Ginger and ginseng are great stimulants of the general activity and therefore libido. In the same way, the savory, by stimulating your adrenal glands, will give you back the tone. Moreover, the Latin name of this plant is “satureia montana”, “satyr of the mountains”. A whole program, right?


Mix or have prepared in equal quantities (all reduced to powder): ginger, ginseng, savory, rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint. Take a teaspoon in the morning in a yogurt, or with a spoonful of honey for 15 days.

Cultivate one’s desire

If summer is often the season of all pleasures, fall, then winter, tend to lull our desire. To fight against blues blues due to the changes of season and keep his libido intact, try saffron. Since ancient times, this spice is recognized for its aphrodisiac powers.


In infusion: Put 14 g of powder for 15 minutes in 1 liter of boiling water (take one cup a day for 10 to 15 days).

Stimulate your desire

Libido at half mast? A plant stimulates, in both women and men, the production of the hormone that is responsible for it. His name ? Tribulus terrestris. Coming from India, this plant acts as a natural Viagra.


On medical advice preferably, you can take the tribulus in the form of a decoction or an infusion, by boiling 1 tablespoon of tribulus for 5 minutes, then infuse 10 minutes (take 2 to 3 cups per day).
The plant is also available in capsules (ask about the concentration of active ingredient) at a rate of 2 to 3 capsules per day.
You can also consume it in fluid extract, at the rate of 1 measurement per day. Or in complete suspension of fresh plant (SIPF®), at a rate of 1 spoonful morning and evening.
For a complete fitness, count a cure of 20 to 30 days on average.

Awaken his sensuality

To (r) awaken your senses and arouse cravings, what’s better than the wine lovers, based on woodruff? Stimulating blood, but also anti-aging natural, this plant with small white flowers starry and the delicious smell of vanilla or honey, invites all the pleasures.


For two weeks, macerate in a good sweet white wine 60 grams of perennial flowers per liter, filter and pour into a sealed bottle because the sparkling wine may blow the cap before it is decided. A small glass twice a day.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

Elixirs, massages, baths … Plants can invite you in our erotic games. And above all, spice them up. And if you let yourself be seduced?

Elixir with ginger

This sweet-scented spice, whose Chinese name “Cheng kiang” means “virility”, is a powerful sexual stimulant.

Macerate 200 grams of ginger root cut in small pieces with 1 liter of champagne, for 12 hours, in a sealed jar. Filter, then bottle well closed. Drink a small glass a day, depending on your desires and needs, but be careful: always in moderation.

Attention, ginger is imperative to avoid in case of pregnancy.

Massage with angelica

Angelica, this plant has only the name, since it is a real toning of the body, but also the libido.

In 1 liter of olive oil, macerate 30 grams of root cut into pieces for 7 days, then filter. Gently massage the bust, the belly, the buttocks.

For gourmands, it is also found in the form of candied stem. A delicious treat to eat at two …

Bath with rosemary

The Queen of Hungary, Donna Isabella, and Madame de Sévigné swore by their rosemary elixir. Rich in antioxidants, this plant helps eliminate toxins from the body and regain energy, including under the comforter.

Infuse two handfuls of flowers in half a liter of water and mix with bath water. For a relaxing … and stimulating effect.

Attention: it is strongly advised to respect the indicated doses and forms.

Where to find them?

At a herbalist, or in an organic store. You can also, if you are connoisseur, pick them up in the wild. Check with your pharmacist if they are good. In general, pay close attention to the origin and traceability of the plants (who picked them up, at what time of the day …). Avoid shopping on the Internet.
How to use them?
If you use the aerial parts of the plant (leaves, flowers, buds …), have them infused, like a tea. If you use the roots or bark, make a decoction, allowing them to boil in water for ten minutes.


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