10 tips before going running with your dog


If you have decided to go running with your dog, these ten tips will help you begin this healthy and productive hobby. Running is a very beneficial activity for humans, and as you can imagine, it is just as beneficial for the dog, even recommended.

Follow the veterinarian’s recommendations

Ideally, the vet will certify that your dog’s health is optimal. Thus, it will rule out the presence of cardiovascular diseases, joint problems or any other complication.

Un pitbull blanc et marron court à côté d'un joggeur

Check the regulations on this subject

Before going out into the street, check your city’s legislation to make sure there are no conditions or prohibitions to take into account. For example, you will need to note the permitted exit times for dogs or areas where dogs are prohibited. This is often the case for infant parks in the communes.

Prepare your itinerary before going on a run with your dog

It will be necessary to plan the course, in particular the first days when you go out running. Unknown places will always arouse your dog’s curiosity, and sometimes it can even engender fear.

Thus, it will be necessary that you take into account the number of vehicles likely to circulate in the area, the quality of the floor covering so as not to damage the pads of your ball of hair. Finally, it will be necessary to check if the course has a correct lighting.

Make sure there are no potential hazards

Although it is not very common in town, when you leave the asphalt, you enter the territory of a multitude of creatures, although the majority is harmless. An example of danger would be the encounter with a processionary caterpillar, known for its dangerousness.

Bring an appropriate leash

The ideal would be to have a place in which you could run with your detached dog, but without endangering other passers-by or your pet. However, the conditions are not always favorable. You will need to make sure you have a proper leash. It’s easy to find suitable leashes at pet stores or online at e-commerce companies like Amazon.

Take into account the temperature and the weather

Dogs have more difficulty regulating their body temperature than humans. This is especially true when it comes to managing heat. You will have to avoid the hours when the sun is hot and the months when the temperature is high. Otherwise, you run the risk that your dog suffers from heat stroke.

Control the ingestion of food and drink

In the same way as for humans, it’s not good for your dog to eat or drink too much before exercising. You should also check that your pet is not feeding on food or water just after the walk.

Une femme court à côté de son labrador beige
Experts recommend that you give nothing to your dog at least one hour before physical activity.

Schedule the workouts

Above all, when you start this very beneficial activity, and you have just begun to run, you will have to plan your training and that above all, you are constant. Increase the intensity gradually according to your goals, however, without becoming an obsession. You can consult a personal coach or consult books dealing with the subject.

You can not run for two hours and then do not go back until you feel no pain and then run again for two hours. It is by planning that you will achieve your goals.

Respect other runners and passersby

The street, the forest and the park belong to everyone. For this reason, if you want everything to go well, you must understand that we all have to share sidewalks with passers-by and all of us do not like dogs. In the same way, you must be careful not to spill anyone or leave the leash distended which could cause falls.

Enjoy the race

This may be the most important tip. It will happen what will happen with your pet. The main thing is that you like this activity.

Source of the main image: Constanza Figueroa

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